Sunday, 3 April 2016

More Southport Memories.......

The Kardomah Cafe in Southport was at 347-349 Lord St. It's now a Pizza Hut. The ladies in your photo are approaching the junction with Nevill St.


Hi All

Thanks for the restore Sylvia and bus destination close up!

Also I'm very grateful to Apwright and Tony for great detective work finding Lord st. Southport. I haven't been to Southport for a few years but if I remember right Lord st Shopping area has not changed since the Victorian times keeping the canopy fronts the same.


The reason why the photo is special ? was my mother met my father just after returning home from that holiday that summer in 1937 and married a few years later before dad went to war but never knew where she went on holiday.

Again thanks (Great work)


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  1. Hi James
    Ive just put an old tin of Kardomah coffee on ebay. It's still sealed. Cosmetically not the best though. Search ebay if interested.