Sunday, 28 February 2016

Jeff remembers.... Hi Just for the record there was a Kardomah in Little Wood Street off Clarence Street in Kingston Upon Thames in the 1970s/80s. I also think there was one in the King's Road, Chelsea, (opposite the Duke of York Army Barracks) in 1965. Keep up the good work, all aspects of a nations history are worth recording - and Kardomahs were such nice places and a lot more reasonable that Costa and Starbucks. Do you remember these branches? If so drop me line....


  1. I noticed there is no mention of the Kardomah cafe in one of the basements in Deansgate Manchester which I used to go in 1944. Are you aware that there was one there?

    1. Thankyou Margaret, I was not aware of that one! I'll add it to the list.... Do you recall the location on Deansgate?

  2. In 1973 I managed the Kardomah in Kingston on Thames ,I emigrated to Australia in 1974 having made this restaurant very successful despite the 3 day Week .The Restaurant had previosly been a Kenco Cafe but changed name when it became part of the THF empire .
    We were open from 7.30am till 8pm seven days and served a fully mixed menu Breakfasts in the morning followed by Danish pastrys mid morning ,lunch was a choice of omlettes ,All day Breakfast ,Steak and salad ,Haddock or Plaice and chips ,Liver and Bacon , Afternoon teas with Fresh cream cakes or a sundae Knickerbokaglory ,peach melba ,and others of that era .Coffee was ground on the premises for retail customers to take home ,we had big bins and the customer could choose either Continental ,Kenya ,Mocha or a blend and we also served Filtered coffee using a cona Machine .
    I particularly remember one Saturday the Cona machine went wrong so I was forced to sell instant , of course all the Continental customers complained but the English ones were congratulating us ,proving that the customer is always right .