Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Kardomah Leeds Cafe culture

The Kardomah Cafe
The Kardomah was a great favourite with Leeds people, from it’s opening in 1908, to its sad closure in August of 1965. Housewives would drop in for a refreshing cuppa and snack, as a reward for slogging round the shops – situated on Briggate as it was, it would have been convenient for Kirkgate Market, and maybe felt to be more suitable and ‘up-market’ than the greasy-spoon type caffs on offer in the market.

If anyone can any more details just drop me line...........


  1. My grandmothers mother worked here but she died of spanish flu in 1919. Her name was Isabel Day (1888-1919)

  2. This photograph was taken in 1935, when the manager was my grandfather William Brindle. The bunting decorations were for the silver jubilee of King George V. (Submitted by Debra T)

  3. Thank you very much for your help Debra :-)