Saturday, 16 January 2010

Kardomah Preston

Church St. & Lancaster Rd. Preston 1896
Horse drawn trams at the corner of Lancaster Road and Church Street in 1896.

Also seen is Starkies shop on the corner and the Red Lion Hotel a little further down on Church Street. Kardomah Tea must have been a popular drink of the day as it appears on many of the horse drawn trams of that era. The Kardomah Cafe would eventually occupy the old post office premises on Fishergate after the new facility opened at the Market square in 1903. Kardomah cafes were found in most major towns and cities and were the Starbucks of their day. The company lasted through to the late 1960's. Their coffee bean roasters used to vent directly into the street and it was hard to resist popping in for a cup freshly brewed coffee. The Electric tram did not appear on Preston's streets until 1904.

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