Monday, 4 October 2010

The Cherry Boys

The Cherry Boys......

Does anyone know why they named the record "Kardomah Cafe"?


  1. It was the name of a cafe in Liverpool,s Whitechapel. Later named Harvey's Hamburgers!

  2. it was a cafe a lot of liverpool bands used to drink at before gigs in the early 1980s

  3. I remember going there a lot in those days, it was a popular caf - i'm guessing the singer got the idea from just going there a lot wasnt a bad place to get a cuppa!

  4. In answer to the question above, The Cherry Boys named the record Kardomah Cafe as that's where John Byrne and I used to regularly have a cup of coffee (I've always hated tea). John and I would most days get together at his house to practice songwriting and we were reading about The Beatles doing songs about Liverpool during the Sgt Pepper we thought we'd have a go at that too. John had already written one called Liverpool City, one called Abercrombie Square and he did one about the way we used to sit by the window of the cafe drinking our tea/coffee, reading our Beatles Monthly re-prints. We tried to do one about William Brown who has a street named after him but we couldn't find any info about him so we abandoned it.....John decided to try Kardomah Cafe at a Cherries gig and it was very well received....and the rest as they say.......hope that answers your question :-) sorry to have gone on at length, I don't even know if I'm allowed to post on here :-)
    It's nice that the band's work brought back a few nice memories for you.


    Keith Gunson