Tuesday, 5 October 2010


How cool a great band named after your brand!……
Sadly now no more…. New members under a new name…..
I will endeavour to get some of their tracks up or at least a link…….

If you can recall any favourite gigs or memories you wish to record for posterity drop me a line……….


From Neath, Wales
Sound Like Alternative Rock -- a mixture of the Smashing Pumpkins, U2, Radiohead
Dafydd Leigh Anthony: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kevin: Drums
Tomas Morgan: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Ian Abraham: Bass
Kardomah are a 5 piece alternative rock band from Neath, Wales who take their name from a Dylan Thomas book about the "Kardomah boys " who were group of Swansea poets and artisans who used to often meet at the Swansea Kardomah cafe. Kardomah have been described by local press as the future saviours of British alt rock. on the wings of the locally created buzz the band have moved on to more prestigious gigs attracting a string of record companies including A & M records and a guest list that includes ex members of Slade, and Glaswegion Chemikal Underground signings Aereogramme,. Over the past year the Band have attracted a large loyal local fan base to boot . The band have developed their sound into a spacey mixture of memorable ambient keyboard and guitar effects and powerful guitar riffs topped off with melodic vocal harmonies and continue to promote consistancy throughout.
The band have played a string of gigs in 2001 ranging from loclal gigs around Neath ,Cardiff and Bristol to as far away as London.

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  1. James : Old Kardomah demo's uploaded to my soundcloud here : https://soundcloud.com/kevamiga/tracks