Sunday, 21 November 2010

Cilla Black

Cilla Blacks return to Mathew Street…..

Did you used to drink in the Kardomah at that time… if so drop me a line.

The return to Liverpool will also be nostalgic: "Mathew Street is great. They’ve still got the pub where The Beatles went. I just went to the Kardomah for coffee."

Cilla Black’s debut single was “Love of the Loved”, a Lennon-McCartney composition mainly written by Paul McCartney. Black (born Priscilla White) was contracted with manager Brian Epstein as his only female client. George Martin, who signed Cilla to Parlophone Records, produced her recording of the song. Released September 27, 1963, the single peaked at a modest number 35 on the UK Singles Chart, and was not to be one of her bigger hits.

“Love of the Loved” was one of Paul McCartney’s earliest compositions and the Beatles performed it in their live act in their early years. The band recorded the song during their 1962 audition for Decca Records, but it has never been included in any of their official releases. It was even left off of 1995's Anthology 1 (compilation CDs that covered 1958-1964), supposedly vetoed from inclusion by McCartney.

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