Saturday, 27 November 2010

Kardomah Cafe Newport, Commercial Street


By Eiona Roberts

The Kardomah Kaff

Oh! The aroma
In the Kardomah
The coffee they serve you
Is truly to die for.
Oh! The aroma
In the Kardomah,
The Kenco they pour you -
A reason to live for.

Sunday roast, cheese on toast,
Lemon meringue, apple tart.
Luscious coffee, 'Please a top up'
These are things that warm my heart.
Chocolate eclair - (hope one's there!)
What I'd give for strawberry gateaux.
Toasted tea - cake, strawberry milkshake
Sweet and soulful, revives your heart.

Oh! The aroma
In the Kardomah.
And the staff are a wonder -
Always a smile
Oh! The whole aura
Of the Kardomah
Makes your brief stay there
Quite worth the while!

Sue Lewis, Newport South Wales

Newport lost its Kardoma many years ago but those of us who are 50+ remember it fondly as a place to meet as teenagers and be "sophisticaed" drinking russian tea in glass with silver holders.

A generation earlier my mother had worked as a kitchen hand and in the 60s, she and I would have poached egg on toast in our lunch hours and she would tell me how she polished every brass band on the staircase. A lovely, innocent time.
Tue Dec 12 09:08:56 2006

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  1. I remember Kardomah in Newport; the wonderful smell permeated the whole of Commercial Street.
    My childhood fascination was watching the large roasting machine, which was the focal point,right
    in front window, the large perforated drum slowly
    rotating and giving off that fantastic aroma!!