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London for Food Lovers (Part 1) by Cynthia Clampitt

With thanks to Cynthia Clampitt

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England has long been on the cutting edge of culinary consumption. It was in England in 1700 that milk was first added to chocolate. Earlier still, it was England that initiated Europe’s love affair with coffee. Though coffee was being drunk in Muslim countries as early as the 15th century, it was not until a Jewish merchant from Turkey opened a coffee house in Oxford in 1650 that coffee culture really caught hold in Europe. France was next, then Vienna, and soon coffee houses were all over Europe. In England, coffee houses became the gathering places of intellectuals, politicians, and anyone else who liked to talk. One great chain of coffee houses, Kardomah, became a fixture in the high streets of towns throughout the UK. Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and his circle of friends frequented these shops with such regularity that they were known as “the Kardomah boys.” I can remember stopping at a Kardomah coffee house when I first visited London at age 14. They served coffee with amber sugar crystals, rather than plain, white sugar. I was enchanted. Today, though Starbucks has now displaced the majority of the old Kardomah cafés, there is still a lovely coffee culture in England.

Copyright Cynthia Clampitt ©2010
(This originally appeared in a different form in Hungry Magazine.)

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Kardomah Cafe Newport, Commercial Street


By Eiona Roberts

The Kardomah Kaff

Oh! The aroma
In the Kardomah
The coffee they serve you
Is truly to die for.
Oh! The aroma
In the Kardomah,
The Kenco they pour you -
A reason to live for.

Sunday roast, cheese on toast,
Lemon meringue, apple tart.
Luscious coffee, 'Please a top up'
These are things that warm my heart.
Chocolate eclair - (hope one's there!)
What I'd give for strawberry gateaux.
Toasted tea - cake, strawberry milkshake
Sweet and soulful, revives your heart.

Oh! The aroma
In the Kardomah.
And the staff are a wonder -
Always a smile
Oh! The whole aura
Of the Kardomah
Makes your brief stay there
Quite worth the while!

Sue Lewis, Newport South Wales

Newport lost its Kardoma many years ago but those of us who are 50+ remember it fondly as a place to meet as teenagers and be "sophisticaed" drinking russian tea in glass with silver holders.

A generation earlier my mother had worked as a kitchen hand and in the 60s, she and I would have poached egg on toast in our lunch hours and she would tell me how she polished every brass band on the staircase. A lovely, innocent time.
Tue Dec 12 09:08:56 2006

Kardomah Cafe Princes's Street Edinburgh



Does anyone know how long this cafe was open?

If so drop me a line.....

Monday, 22 November 2010

The Paris Kardomah

The Medova Tea Rooms, ^ Ruede I'Echelle, and Kardomah,
184, Rue de Rivoli, are also much frequented by British

The smart tea-rooms resorted to by the more elegant
Parisians and the wealthier members of the Anglo-American
colony are Rumpelmayer's

Could anyone put a date to this? Any help much appreciated……..

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Kardomah Cafe Website

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All the Cafes by location and much more....

Kardomah By Peter Finch (Cardiff)

From a book by Peter Finch,Real Cardiff, published by Seren Books

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Billy's coming out of the KD fast with half a kilo of Moroccan Red making a bulge the size of a bible in his inside pocket. He could shift, easy, but there's a face at the far end he doesn't like. Safer in the street.

The KD's got old ladies in fox firs downstairs and mods up. Parkas. Hoods. Students. Youth.

The guy with the Italian bush shirt comes in bearing a copy of Adrian Mitchell's Peace is Milk … War is Acid, printed as a folded handbill by Peace News, sold cheap, in the style, exactly, of the penny ballads of centuries before. You read the poem. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

They won't have war. These people'll stop it. Girl in the yellow jeans. The ponytail. Stones haircut. The beard. The round-collared jacket. The one using the Rizla. The one with the bag from C&As.

Coffee arrives in the national consciousness like a post-war automobile, desirable shining. The stuff gives the heart a hit into overdrive but when you're young you don't notice. Not at all.

At the front, overlooking the street, the fifth form trying it with no money have one tea between six and eagerness like a rainstorm. Can cope with poetry, the bomb and the Beatles. Easy.

All this'll slide apart when commerce demolishes the walls and inflates Timothy Whites from small sensible next door into a vast Boots, grown enormously beyond pharmacy, spread from the JD delivery lane to Frederick Street and beyond. But that's not yet.

The guy with the guitar in the soft case can't play. Mouth matchstick. War Resistors International broken rifle in his right lapel. Sports coat doubling as hipness. Read Howl. Looking for angels.

Queen Street outside full of cars and choke. The stunning space of pedestrianisation, when it comes, shocking the city into wondering how ever had they let the past be like it was.

This was Crockerton Street until Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887. The KD was a slum of veg sold from pots, stink and bad drainage. Sludge. Sailors with sticks. Normans with swords.

By the time the bomb had migrated to missile and the ban had seeped like damp across the West the young had become older and no longer cared. Upstairs at the back of Boots they'd put in a coffee shop. Crowds of them in there. Mothers. Bags. Loyalty cards. Pushchairs with golf-trolley wheels. Cake. Café Latte. No Russian Tea.

Dope elsewhere. Anywhere. Hedonistic Cardiffian nightlife essential. No cultural trappings. Not any more.

Peter Finch

Cilla Black

Cilla Blacks return to Mathew Street…..

Did you used to drink in the Kardomah at that time… if so drop me a line.

The return to Liverpool will also be nostalgic: "Mathew Street is great. They’ve still got the pub where The Beatles went. I just went to the Kardomah for coffee."

Cilla Black’s debut single was “Love of the Loved”, a Lennon-McCartney composition mainly written by Paul McCartney. Black (born Priscilla White) was contracted with manager Brian Epstein as his only female client. George Martin, who signed Cilla to Parlophone Records, produced her recording of the song. Released September 27, 1963, the single peaked at a modest number 35 on the UK Singles Chart, and was not to be one of her bigger hits.

“Love of the Loved” was one of Paul McCartney’s earliest compositions and the Beatles performed it in their live act in their early years. The band recorded the song during their 1962 audition for Decca Records, but it has never been included in any of their official releases. It was even left off of 1995's Anthology 1 (compilation CDs that covered 1958-1964), supposedly vetoed from inclusion by McCartney.

The Cavern Club

Mike Remembers The Beatles in the Kardomah on the corner of Stanley Street, then onto the Cavern Club......

Mike Campbell, Liverpool, UK
I was fortunate to have been around at the time The Beatles were just taking Liverpool by storm. I used to have coffee with John and other mates including Paul and George at The El Cabala in Bold Street or The Kardomah on the corner of Stanley Street. I was able to see them at lunchtime sessions in The Cavern and all over the place at night gigs. I told my parents that I had seen this group who were going to change music forever. I was 16 and had had 2 pints of lager and they sent me to bed because they thought I was drunk !!! But they changed music and John changed my outlook on almost every aspect of life. Not a single day goes by that I don't miss him. Feel free to contact me Lennon People.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Beatles

Did the Beatles ever use the Kardomah Cafe?

If you have any recollections drop me a line......

Friday, 5 November 2010

The Candy Harlots at the Kardomah Cafe!

Candy Harlots History

Candy Harlots were formed in 1987 in Sydney by guitarist Ron Barrett (aka Ron B. Gypsy; ex-Glam Savages), drummer Tony Cardinal (ex-What??!!, Soggy Porridge), guitarist Marc De Hugar, vocalist Mark Easton (ex-Suicide Squad, Kelpies, Soggy Porridge, Glam Savages) and bass guitarist Nick Szentkuti (ex-Glam Savages). Szentkuti spent six months as bass guitarist, he was followed by Scott Millard (ex-The Faith) and then Leeno Dee (ex-Roxx).

The band developed an underground following around Sydney and were offered a recording deal with Virgin Records after three shows but their manager turned down the offer. The contract was not signed until the band had got out of their management deal four years later. They played in suburban Sydney pubs, with their main venues at the Kardomah Cafe in Kings Cross and the St James Tavern in the city. Candy Harlots secured support slots with The Cult, Cheap Trick, Divinyls, The Angels, Sunnyboys, Danish rock band D-A-D and Kings of the Sun.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Oxford Kardomah, 24 - 25 Cornmarket

Occupants of 24, 25 and 25a Cornmarket listed in directories etc

1973 - 1976 Kardomah Restaurant

Does anyone remember the restaurant, what it was like etc….

If you have any memories please post a comment….

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Kardomah on BBC Manchester (Heather Stott) 28/10/2010

Listen to the Kardomah Interview on the BBC Radio Manchester Heather Stott show....

On the Iplayer 2hr 29 mins in..........
Just click on the title line.........

Kardomah on BBC Leeds website

Please see the great article pended by James Addyman on the BBC Leeds website!

Just click on the title line.......

Kardomah Albert Square, Manchester

Jazz goes home in new club

Can anybody confirm if this was a Kardomah in the 1950's....... if so this could be the third in Manchester!

A good thing about the Bla Bla restaurant mentioned above is that the ground floor will be an Italian restaurant but downstairs will be the Bla Bla Jazz Club. Given there's bugger all in the way of live music in the area this is definitely a good thing. Sleuth also knows how desperate visitors to the city get for a venue providing music that isn't aimed at 21 year olds - and Band on the Wall can be a long walk. It's got a great location close to the convention areas and close to lots of hotels too.
There's a happy echo of the past as well, in that the venue used to be the Kardomah in the fifties and had live music then, and is round the corner from the site of the Oasis Club, orginally a jazz club, which then became the main beat music venue featuring young bands such as the Hollies. The latter used to have all-night sessions, Bla Bla has applied for a 6am licence. What goes around....

14 Albert Square, Manchester
Manchester. M2 5PF

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Jimi Hendrix

Memories are not made of this: the secret history of the Sixties

As the saying goes - if you can remember it, you weren't really there. Now a survey has proved it to be true. Those who grew up in the decade of flower power have shamelessly embellished their recollections, according to the UKTV History channel study. And as John Walsh exclusively reveals, it wasn't all rock'n'roll, rebellion and recreational drugs - even for the icons of the age.


After his untimely death in 1970, Jimi Hendrix enjoyed a reputation as a wild-haired, sexually omnivorous, guitar-incinerating genius. It's less well known that this excess occupied only the last three weeks of his life. Before he was briefly catapulted to fame, he worked for years at a variety of less glamorous jobs. He was a waiter at the Kardomah tea-rooms in Penge until fired for incorrect use of a tea-strainer.

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BBC Radio Nottingham information appeal.....

24/10/10 between 10:00 and 11:00, I might be making an appeal on BBC Radio Nottingham, so if you have any stories related the Kardomah in Nottingham drop me a line....

New Web Site..... Still under construction

Tell me what you think.........

Should be a little easier to navigate ......

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Kardomah Briggate Leeds

Briggate nos. 65 - 68 Kardomah Café

28th July 1937. Numbers 65 and 66, Kardomah Cafe, opened in 1908, closed 1965.

57 years of trading, the great depression, two World Wars…….. there must me a lot of stories, memories and anecdotes locked up in the minds of the more mature citizens of Leeds?

Was this the longest open Kardomah café……. One up for Leeds?

Thanks to James Addyman of BBC Radio Leeds for putting me on to this snippet… found at….

Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Kardomah Gang

The Kardomah
The Kardomah café

The Kardomah Café was originally located in Castle Street on the site of the Congregational Chapel, where Dylan's parents, D.J. and Florence, were married in 1903. In the 1930s it became one of the favourite meeting-places of Dylan and his friends.
The name 'Kardomah Gang' has become a useful term to describe the group of talented writers, artists and musicians who were Dylan's contemporaries. In reality, these people didn't think of themselves as part of a unified group, and were probably never all at the café at the same time.
Dylan recalled the Kardomah fondly in the 1949 BBC Broadcast Swansea and the Arts as the place "where Swansea's rich artists and poverty-stricken business men used to meet, on separate floors, to discuss shares and pictures." In Return Journey it is the café where Dylan and friends would discuss how "Dan Jones was going to compose the most prodigious symphony, Fred Janes paint the most miraculously meticulous picture, Charlie Fisher catch the poshest trout, Vernon Watkins and Young Thomas write the most boiling poems, how they would ring the bells of London and paint it like a tart..."
During the war, though, the Kardomah was "razed to the snow" as Dylan puts it in Return Journey. It re-opened in new premises in the centre of town, where it remains a thriving business.

Does anyone have a photo of the Kardomah in the 1930’s………

If so please drop me a line…

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton

By Chris Welch
Extract from Cream: Strange Brew
Amended Friday, 08 April 2005

I met Eric for the first time in October 1964, not long after I joined the Melody Maker. An interview was scheduled for The Yardbirds and we assembled in the Kardomah coffee bar in Fleet Street. It was the first occasion I'd talked to a full group in-person, and quickly learned it was a bad idea to try and interview five people at once. They distract each other, indulge in in-jokes and badinage, and there is always one who is too shy to talk, and probably has the most interesting things to say, while the noisiest make mock of the whole ordeal. Then there is the usual problem of their insulting waitresses and creating "a scene."
In fact The Yardbirds were generally pleasant and well behaved, although I noticed that Eric was the most sensible and tended to smile at the exuberant prattle going on around him. The band had just released their second single 'Good Morning Little Schoolgirl' (a follow up to "I Wish You Would") and The Yardbirds were nervous about the effect having a hit single might have on their credibility with blues fans. The headline on the subsequent piece was "Oh No! Not A Hit Disc" It was just the "angle" the MM wanted, although it probably gave the band's management and record company palpitations.

Do you know any one else how used to frequent Kardomah Cafes’ ……….
If so please drop me a line….

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


How cool a great band named after your brand!……
Sadly now no more…. New members under a new name…..
I will endeavour to get some of their tracks up or at least a link…….

If you can recall any favourite gigs or memories you wish to record for posterity drop me a line……….


From Neath, Wales
Sound Like Alternative Rock -- a mixture of the Smashing Pumpkins, U2, Radiohead
Dafydd Leigh Anthony: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kevin: Drums
Tomas Morgan: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Ian Abraham: Bass
Kardomah are a 5 piece alternative rock band from Neath, Wales who take their name from a Dylan Thomas book about the "Kardomah boys " who were group of Swansea poets and artisans who used to often meet at the Swansea Kardomah cafe. Kardomah have been described by local press as the future saviours of British alt rock. on the wings of the locally created buzz the band have moved on to more prestigious gigs attracting a string of record companies including A & M records and a guest list that includes ex members of Slade, and Glaswegion Chemikal Underground signings Aereogramme,. Over the past year the Band have attracted a large loyal local fan base to boot . The band have developed their sound into a spacey mixture of memorable ambient keyboard and guitar effects and powerful guitar riffs topped off with melodic vocal harmonies and continue to promote consistancy throughout.
The band have played a string of gigs in 2001 ranging from loclal gigs around Neath ,Cardiff and Bristol to as far away as London.

Monday, 4 October 2010

The Cherry Boys

The Cherry Boys......

Does anyone know why they named the record "Kardomah Cafe"?

Kardomah Cafe' by the Cherry Boys

I have this on 7” vinyl and 12” red vinyl, is that a bit sad??????

Not to my taste, all a bit haunting for me…..

Liverpool’s Cherry Boys were a brilliant sixties band stuck in the eighties. They saw little success in the UK, but “Kardomah Café” made the top 50 chart in Spain. The band consisted of John Byrne (aka John Cherry) on vocals & guitar, Keith Gunson on vocals & bass, James Hughes on vocals & keyboards, and Howie Minns on drums. Icicle Works drummer Chris Sharrock was part of the band early on and appeared on their first single “Man to Man.” Hughes and Minns went on to form Exhibit B (most famous for their “It’s Hypothetical” single).
Listen to The Cherry Boys - Kardomah Café (12″ version)

“Man To Man” b/w “So Much Confusion” 7″, Open Eye (1981)
“Only Fools Die” b/w “Come That Day” 7″, Cherryoza (1982)
“Kardomah Café” b/w “Airs and Graces” 7″/12″, Crash (1983)
“Shoot The Big Shot” b/w “Falling” 7″, Crash (1983)
“Shoot The Big Shot” b/w “Falling” & “Dont Leave Me That Way” 12″, Crash (1983)
“Kardomah Café” b/w “Airs and Graces” & “Plead Sanity” 12″, Satril, (1984)

Kardomah Cafe' Paris

Could anyone put a date to this? Any help much appreciated……..

The Medova Tea Rooms, ^ Ruede I'Echelle, and Kardomah,
184, Rue de Rivoli, are also much frequented by British

The smart tea-rooms resorted to by the more elegant
Parisians and the wealthier members of the Anglo-American
colony are Rumpelmayer's.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Kardomah Cafe' Southport

Is the current location of Pizza Hut the location of the old Kardomah on Lord Street?

347-349 Lord Street
Town Centre

If you can help please let me know………

Kardomah Cafe' Sydney

Calling the antipodes!

Does anybody have a view as what year this might be???????

80-84 Oxford Street

Right next to the Union Bank is the Oxford Branch of the Savings Bank of New South Wales. This is the third bank along this block, and it’s not the last! This late Victorian building, with vermiculated stone details and urns atop the pediment, was erected in 1882. The bank manager is Mr A. J. Clarke. The Kardomah Café at 82-84 Oxford Street is run by Miss Robinson. A small business is also running out of number 82. A lady is about to enter the shop. Perhaps she was attracted by the sign above the window display proclaiming “Hats! Hats! Hats!!! Big Bargains”.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Brief Encounter

The story of what might have been! This British cinematic classic was a ground breaking story at the time, and still continues to be relevant to this day. Their local "Kardomah" proved to be the perfect location for their illicit affair!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Kardomah Freeze Dried Coffee for Vending

Another old Kardomah product for use in vending machines. The product code was E3210

Kardomah Malt

10 points in the eye spy book of rare Kardomah products.... Sold for about 20 years up until about 2005. B0452 was the product code.

Kardomah Chester

The Kardomah in Chester I think this now the building which houses Next. If you can confirm this, that would be great! Again if you have any memories drop me a line.

Kardomah Birmingham (New Street) as it is now

The Kardomah Cafe
February 1940 to February 1970
The Kardomah Cafe was a popular meeting place in the 1950s and 60s. The building still stands on New Street and is occupied by Muji and Ted Baker.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Kardomah Bold Street

Looking up Bold Street from the Hanover Street end it was not very far up on the left hand side. Next door to Waring and Gillow who sold quality furniture and almost opposite the Kardomah Cafe which specialised in coffee - the fragrance was very nice and seemed to travel the full length of the street.
cica 1943.

Did you used to to the Kardomah? let me Know......

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Kardomah Manchester, by night.......

Title Kardomah cafe, Market Street, Manchester, by night
Designer Black, Sir Misha (1910-1977)
Landauer, Fritz J. (1883-1968)
Country UK: England
Town/City Manchester
Subject Date 1939
Image Date 1939
View Exterior
Style Art Deco
Medium Photoprint
Colour / B&W Black & white
Credit Architectural Press Archive / RIBA Library Photographs Collection
Can you remember this... if so let me know....

With Thanks:

Kardomah Leeds Cafe culture

The Kardomah Cafe
The Kardomah was a great favourite with Leeds people, from it’s opening in 1908, to its sad closure in August of 1965. Housewives would drop in for a refreshing cuppa and snack, as a reward for slogging round the shops – situated on Briggate as it was, it would have been convenient for Kirkgate Market, and maybe felt to be more suitable and ‘up-market’ than the greasy-spoon type caffs on offer in the market.

If anyone can any more details just drop me line...........

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Kardomah 42 Dale Street Liverpool

I think this is at 42 Dale Street Liverpool, if you can confirm just let me know....

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Kardomah Hull

Uncovered during renovations in Hull, know any more? drop me a line........

Kardomah Preston Fishergate 1938

Fishergate 1938

Saxone Shoe shop in at the far left with the Kardomah a little further down. When this photograph was taken the Kardomah Cafe occupied the old Post Office building. Trams had cesed to run down Fishergate in 1935, however at least one tram wire support pole remains.

Kardomah Preston

Preston's (old) Post office 1903
The (new) Post Office adjacent to the Market Square opened in 1903 replacing these offices, which as can be seen, were located directly to the left of the Gas Companies offices on Fishergate.

These premises were for a time occupied by the Kardomah Cafe.

Kardomah Preston

Church St. & Lancaster Rd. Preston 1896
Horse drawn trams at the corner of Lancaster Road and Church Street in 1896.

Also seen is Starkies shop on the corner and the Red Lion Hotel a little further down on Church Street. Kardomah Tea must have been a popular drink of the day as it appears on many of the horse drawn trams of that era. The Kardomah Cafe would eventually occupy the old post office premises on Fishergate after the new facility opened at the Market square in 1903. Kardomah cafes were found in most major towns and cities and were the Starbucks of their day. The company lasted through to the late 1960's. Their coffee bean roasters used to vent directly into the street and it was hard to resist popping in for a cup freshly brewed coffee. The Electric tram did not appear on Preston's streets until 1904.

Kardomah Preston

A few notes about the Kardomah in Preston if you have any other information drop me a line......... Did you know the Bash Street Kids of Beano fame were first penned in the Kardomah in Preston!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Derby Kardomah

THE manager of a former Derby cafe which became a meeting place for the rich and famous has died, aged 103. Tributes have been paid to Albert Ragg, who ran the Kardomah Cafe in the Corn Market for more than 33 years.
During its heyday the cafe was the place to be seen, attracting the likes of Brian Clough, the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire and stars appearing at the Hippodrome theatre.
Mr Ragg, who had lived in the same house in Chaddesden since he moved to the city from Merseyside in 1934, died at Derbyshire Royal Infirmary on Saturday.
His daughter, Susan Nuttall, 69, who now lives in South Africa, said her father had loved running the cafe.
She said: "He used to talk about it all the time. My father used to talk about the people who went into the cafe such as the actor Richard Todd. My mum was a huge football fan so she always used to tell me about the Derby County players that visited regularly and the manager Brian Clough."
Born in Birkenhead, Mr Ragg moved to Derby with his wife, Marjorie, who died in 1993.
He took over as manager of the former Kardomah Cafe and stayed in the job for 33-and-a-half years until he retired in 1969.
During the Second World War, Mr Ragg was in a reserved occupation in catering, so he was not able to join the armed forces. Instead, he signed up to Derby's Home Guard.
The Derby County fan was also a member of the former Derby Society of Lancastrians for many years.
Mr Ragg also leaves his son, Ian Ragg, 73, of Chaddesden, 10 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.
Susan added: "My father was always very interested in people. He was a gentle person with a patient manner and loved chatting to anyone."
The cafe was owned by a firm called Kardomah Ltd which, at the start of the Second World War, had 30 branches around the country, including six in both Liverpool and London.
Mr Ragg eventually went on to become area manager, overseeing the branches in Derby and Nottingham.
The firm finally sold out to a major catering chain which closed the venue in 1980.
Mr Ragg's funeral takes place at Markeaton Crematorium on Monday at 2.20pm. Nov 2008

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Kardomah, coffee tins, history

Having tracked these old items down on ebay I hope they trigger some memories, if so let me Know......

Kardomah, tea caddy, tins

Having tracked these old items down on ebay I hope they trigger some memories if so let me Know......

Past Kardomah Products

Having tracked these old items on ebay I hope these trigger some memories if so let me Know......

Story so far??

I have compiled a time line of events which has some gaps & assuptions which I need your help in filling in / correcting. Also I am interested in your memoroies & stories & intersting facts...... please drop me a line if you can help :-)

The Kardomah coffee story

The time line so far....

1845 - The Kardomah Coffee Company founded in liverpool

1910c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Swansea

1915c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in London 186 Piccadilly

1929c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in London 25 Cheapside

1920c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Birmingham

1925c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Hull

1928c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Paris

1929c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Manchester Memorial Hall in Albert Square

1929c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Cardiff

1929c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Manchester ??? Street

1929c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Southport Lord Street

1929c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Preston ??? Street

1929c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Nottingham King Street

1929c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Leeds ??? Street

1929c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Newport ??? Street

1929c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Preston ??? Street

1929c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Derby ??? Street

1929c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Chester ??? Street

1930c - The Kardomah Gang forms made up of the various artists, musicians, poets and other writers, which frequented the Kardomah Café on Swansea's High Street, most famous member Dylan Thomas.

1945c - Kardomah celebrates its centinery

1947c - Brief Encounter uses a Kardomah Cafe to facilitate this bitter sweet love story.

1950c - A Kardomah Cafe opens in Liverpool Stanley Street

1960c - The Beatles meet Brian Epstine at the "Kardomah"

1981c - The Cherry Boys release a single called "Kardomah Cafe"

1984c - The Kardomah Cafe opens in Sydney

1998c - The Band "Kardomah" from South Wales is formed and Releases their first album

2008c - The Film Edge of love released about Dylan Thomas starring Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Kardomah 750g Cappuccino

Still making great tasting high quality coffee products. This is a food servive 750g cappuccino product, tastes gerat.


Sir Misha Black

1910 - 1977

Industrial designer, interior designer and architect who was born in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Designed The London & Manchester Kardomah Cafes

Saturday, 9 January 2010

The last one standing!
This is the last Kardomah cafe still going, in Swansea..
Please visit.........

k3 kardomah Manchester 40's

A Small photo of of what I think the Kardomah in Manchester 1940's? If anyone knows any more or can confirm, please let me know.

K4 kardomah london

Another shot of a cafe in London, 1950's or 60's in think. Not sure if this is the Piccadilly branch a couple of decades later?
I think there were up to 6 Cafe's in London at one point. Do you know where they were?

K5 Piccadilly London

London Piccadilly 1940's?

Do you remember it, let me know your stories & memories

With thanks to the RIBA